In Case of Emergency

Making it easy to create a Quick Response code specifically for your emergency contact information and more.


QR for ICE ~ Creating a Quick Response code specifically for your emergency information, including your designated contact.

Our goal is to help you easily create a QR code specific to your emergency contact information and to provide you with a laminated card, phone case, sticker, or other format that will include a QR code specific to your desired emergency contact information, also known in the Emergency Responders field as I.C.E. or simply, ICE. In our talks with law enforcement and others, we have learned that not only in case of an accident, but also in case of an elderly person (suffering from Alzheimer, for example) or young child becoming lost, this code could help save a life.

We are also developing a process that will allow you to securely provide specific information related to your emergency medical needs (and more), to then create a QR code (which can be laminated, made into a sticker, etc.), and that will allow you to update your information as needed without having to create a new QR code each time. This will prove especially helpful if you require more thorough information in your emergency file. Though we have successfully tested this, we want to be certain of security and confidentiality prior to making it available. Our work with law enforcement and other First Responders will assure that you have the most recognized and useful ICE products available.

Our simple process allows you to enter the relevant information, download and print your QR4ICE code for your own use, or submit your order with payment for our ready-laminated card (or other format) with the QR code, similar to the example, shown.

Scan this Example QR Code

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In order to further this effort, please encourage Emergency Personnel and their department Administrators to include QR scanning apps on their smartphones as part of their mandatory equipment. QR code scanning apps are free from the apps stores (Apple and others). We like RedLaser, but there are many other apps that work perfectly well. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please return to see our progress. Have fun!

Thank you!